Our company serves unique tastes which are produced according to natural quality standards.

We desire to remind you these traditional tastes and bring them into your life as happiness.

In 1968, our firm has been founded as a popcorn producer in Ankara. For this sector, we have been called ‘first manufacturer’ in Turkey. Meanwhile, we have broken grounds after popcorn.

Our products are made with wood ovens and we are unique with this speciality in Turkey. Also, our all products are totally handmade and we never serve machine-made products.

Our mission

To serve products beyond expectation in a healthy and qualified way which is made with wood oven. To provide this aim, to extend the product range is our main priority.

Our Vision

To introduce BEHRAMKALE ASSOS ANCIENT CITY which facinates all with its historical beauty and THE TEA CRISPIES which is the taste comes from this beauty to the whole world.